D-Day : 13-04-2015

Since April 13, 2015, the mercury vapor lamps have been banned in Europe, even these are not produced anymore!


From the moment the stocks run out, you will have to completely replace these lamps, so a completely new luminaire and lamp.


These lamps have ben mass installed and all should be replaced.


OBSIDD can meet here after a thorough lighting study and our study will make an appropriate proposal.

These LED fixtures are state-of-the-art and available in the entire segment.


  • LED Technology
  • Operating hours : 50.000 H
  • Standard warranty of 5 years
  • In ESCO Model : 100% Full Term
  • Saving potential 40% to 75% of current energy costs
  • Payback 18 to 36 months
  • In ESCO Model : from Day One !