Why choose an ESCO agreement ?

OBSIDD always leaves the choice to its partners :  self-invest or use the ESCO contract.


Most importantly, profitable energy savings can be implemented, that the lack of financial means no more obstacles should be to choose the future of the company, the environment, our children and their children.


  • You save from day one

OBSIDD only realizes projects where both partners benefit from it. The Repayment is lower than the saving, so you're sure that the project produces from day one.


  • You do not need to invest anything

This gives you more room to invest in your core business, your should not engage your loan volume, on the contrary.


  • OBSIDD energy experts take care of your and our project

Since we are partners in this energy project, our people will run the entire track and monitor without straining your employees so that they can continue to concentrate on their internal projects and your processes are not disrupted.